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Friday, January 4, 2013

Table 21 - The Ugly Truth

After a spate of wham-bam movies like Dabang 2, Son Of Sardar, Khiladi 786 etc, here comes a movie with no big names save one - Paresh Rawal, with a twisted story that seemed interesting but had a  Been There Done That Look, transforming towards the end into a.. what can I say ... a sort of a Thriller!

Vivaan and Ria, a married couple (have to mention married as there are various types of couples nowadays), have won an all expenses paid trip to Fiji. They have a ball there  in spite of Vivaan losing his job prior to the trip. Things begin to get interesting towards the end of their trip, then they are invited to celebrate their marriage anniversary in style in one of the many islands of Fiji.

At the Island they are introduced to Mr Khan (Paresh Rawal- looking menacing), who has sponsored their trip and the anniversary celebrations. During casual conversation, he brings up a game show that he runs called "Table 21". The rules of the game are simple - 9 questions, Do not lie (or  if you do, you Die), you cannot quit, each question has a task which has to be completed  or someone dies. Simple.... yet deadly. The prize money - Rs 21 Crores ($10 million Fiji, didnt know our currency is that weak !!!!).  For an "Back to the wall" Vivaan, this seems like a godsent opportunity to make some money and setup something of their own. They agree to play, sign the disclaimers and then the fun begins.

The movie narration is based on a mix of present events  being explained by Flashbacks. The story brings out what devastating effect money can have on us and our relationships. As the story unravels, Vivaan and Sia are forced to confront their fears and deceptions which have the potential to wreck their relationship.  The director, Aditya Datt,  does a pretty decent job and the screen play/Story by Sheershak Anand and Shatanu ray Chibber is quite taut. Though the movie seems like a rehash of "An Indecent Proposal"  "Death Race" and "Sach Ka Samna", it ends quite differently. The suspense is kept up right till the end and generally the audience does not get any cues as to where the entire saga is leading to.
However, the level of suspense is muted and does not grip you... the sore point in the movie as the story had the potential to keep you on tenterhooks!!

Paresh Rawal as Mr Khan is suitably competent, Rajiv Khandelwal as the out of work cad, Vivaan, is above average. Tine Desae looks like another pretty face but her acting skills are nothing much to write about (I've written too much in this one line!!). The rest of the case serves a purpose and the surprise package is Ashraf - Dhruv Ganesh, who plays his role very competently.

The movie is watchable and though there are certain discontinuities and inconsistencies, I would high recommend that you watch this movie. It is  bereft of big names but I think the movie's underlying message needs to be seen by all.

Rating:- ***1/2

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