Review of Latest Hindi Movies: MOD - A Twist in the Tale

Sunday, January 13, 2013

MOD - A Twist in the Tale

 MOD by Nagesh kukunoor is a slow paced story about a girl Anya (Ayesha Takia) staying on a hill station "Ganga" (whereever that is !!). She repairs watches and waits tables at a restaurant to make ends meet. Her father (Raghuveer Yadav) a singer, smitten by Kishore Kumar, has taken to drink and is under debt. The various characters - the businessman GangaRam smitten by Anya, the restaurant owner (Tanvi Azmi), the Doc - Anant Mahadevan, her classmates ...all are beautifully defined and fit it very well with the overall story line.
Anya has thrown her dad out of her house (her mom has left the house to her) because of his drinking. One day Andy (Ranvijay) comes to her door step to repair his watch. She makes him stand out side her shop for over an hour before she takes up the job. He pays her with a Rs 100 note shaped like a swan. This becomes a regular affair and she starts having feelings for him. One day at the market place, she sees him and he does not acknowledge her greeting. She starts following him and tries to unravel the mystery behind this "Sanki " Lover.  If this is not enough, a builder is after her to sell her plot to make a resort.

When she comes to know the truth, she (like all women) wants to help Ranvijay recover. But the parents are against it. The story has shades of Kartik Calling Kartik with a slightly different twist.

The movie has a nice feel to it. The storytelling is taut and does not loose grip. Ayesha Takia's and Ranvijay's performance, individually are good but they lack the chemistry together. A trademark Nagesh kukunoor film worth a watch for a sentimental evening.. :)

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