Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Dabang 2- You need to be Dabang to see it!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Dabang 2- You need to be Dabang to see it!

Let me be Frank. I liked Dabang- It was fresh, had great songs, a decent storyline, clearly defined characters and above all Salman was in full form and did a wonderful job as Chulbul Pandey AKA RobinHood Pandey. The direction was tight and editing was good. So after the tremendous response Dabang garnered, the cash cow was ripe for milking and sure enough Dabang 2 was launched and now released on 21 Dec 2012 - The apocalypse date.

Was the film's release on the day of Apocalypse a cataclysmic event. Absolutely not! The movie started off with a bang, (Chulbul has been transferred to Kanpur, so he has relocated lock, stock, barrel with his father, brother and wife and wants to do great things), with a kidnapping scene and chulbul in his trademark style, single-handedly bludgeons the kidnappers and rescues the kid. In trademark Dabang style and with unabashed simplicity asks the kids dad to give the ransom money for his welfare and police welfare fund..

So much for that scene. The movie rolls on and we are introduced to the baddies du jour. Prakash Raj as Baccha bhaiyya (local goon and aspiring politician) and  his two brothers have spread their reign of terror in Kanpur and loot and kill at will. Chulbul has given them an open challenge that they will regret that he ever got transferred to Kanpur. A series of incidents are shown, which highlight the goons activities and how Chulbul Checkmates them. Bachha is restrained and does not want to make outright war with him, but is forced to after a particular incident.

Chulbul's senior officer, the SP is a pisa loving cop with a belly bigger than the globe.  Sonakshi as his wife is suitably demure and give enough come hither looks. She is dressed in absolutely skimpy backless blouses and some gorgeous sarees. Arbaaz as Makkhi is extremely subdued and is portrayed as an extremely stupid guy. Mahi gill as Makkhi's wife Nirmala is completely wasted. Vinod Khanna is Ok in parts. It is Salman's show all along.  Songs are atrocius (including the Fevicol Song).

The only thing worth mentioning is the action. Crisp and defying laws of gravity wherein humans bounce like  rubber balls and nothing can happen to Chulbul. He is superman. The fight sequences are well shot nevertheless and are the highlight of the movie.

Summing up : Watch it only, and only if you are a Salman Khan Fan, otherwise it is a waste of time.

Rating: **

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