Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Race 2 - Slow Racy Thriller!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Race 2 - Slow Racy Thriller!

The reason James Bond movies are so popular among men and women is that men want to possess his panache and scant regard for death, while women swoon over his devil may care attitude, lack of attachment and the element of danger he seems to possess. We also love the tech wizardry, the relentless action and exotic locales.   But what has this got to this movie? Well, Abbas Mastan wanted this movie to look like a James Bond thriller and to some extent they seem to have succeeded.

Now, Abbas Mastan are known for their thrillers, their last one being the dud, Players. This time they offer a sequel to the highly successful Race 1,which actually was a genuine thriller with a great storyline, screenplay, songs, and and acting.  I expected Race 2 to be similar but If all expectations came true, then I would be a billionaire :). However, all is not lost.

Here's the gist. The movie starts off with a narrative about how John Abraham (Armaan Malik) has made it big in the world of crime in Istanbul(yeah,  the entire movie is set in exotic Istanbul). Deepika is also introduced as his able,  his step sister.  A hit man is shown blowing off a Lamborghini,  the significance of which we realise only later. Thereafter, a train robbery is shown, wherein thieves steal a complete train bogie full of currency paper users to make Euros. Thereafter Saif meets a casino owner, thakkar,  who owns five casino's in Istanbul, with a proposition that he executes in style.  He places a bet of five million dollars on the roulette table and loses. On being asked why he seemed so cool losing 5 million,  he says they were made from the stolen paper. So after gaining Thakkar's  trust,  Saif makes a proposition to him, that he would give him 1500 million of that currency for 500 million cash.  Thakkar agrees but he has to borrow 500 million from John to make good the deal.  John asks him for his 5 casino's as collateral. You can guess the rest. This scam was such a juvenile one that it set the tone for the movie. I mean how gullible do u think a casino owner is...!!

Anyway, the short of the long is that Saif tries to gain John's trust but as the short flashbacks in the movie show,  deception is the name of the game,  with nothing being what it seems.  Jacqueline as Omisha plays John's love interest.  Deepika  is suitably sexy and icy and plays the role of the bad girl quite comfortably and is believable.  However,  I must admit the plot had its twist and turns,  but frequent explanations spoil the surprise.  John is quite good as the gangsta who loves money and Omisha.  Anil kapoor is wasted as the fruit eating detective. Amisha Patel as Anil's sidekick is quite useless and is given pretty inane jokes to make, but is bearable. It's sad to see her in roles like these.
Saif, does a competent job and looks suitably suave but fails to connect with the audience. I think if the songs in the movie had been given a miss,  the director would have had enough time to pay attention to the characters. 

The music isn't too bad, but isn't too good either. Lat Lag gaye, Allah Duhai Hai, Party on my Mind 
and Be Intehaan are so-so. (Atif Aslams voice on Saif sounds like Saif has Pneumonia !!)

Overall,  the movie is a decent entertainer, with plenty of action and better than many B grade Hollywood movies.  Good production values are a plus. Overall I'd say timepass
Rating **

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