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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Talaash - The Search Within - Review

Aamir Khan has set the bar very high. All movies starring him in the past few years have done extremely well - Critically as well as Commercially. I guess the law of averages has to catch up some day and Talaash is that average for Aamir.

Don't get me wrong. Its a good film, but not an excellent one. It has an interesting story line, but not an unique one. In fact, I found some shades of The Sixth Sense in the movie.  It has been cleverly interspersed with other characters, but I guess, the basic theme remains the same. As it is purported to be a suspense thriller, I will not give out the plot and be a party pooper but here are the bare essentials:-
Aamir Khan is an honest cop - Surjan Singh Shekhawat A.K.A as Suri by his wife and friends. Rani is his wife. The movie starts off with an accident of a superstar - Armaan Kapoor, witnessed by three persons. All of them say the same thing - The road was empty, the car swerved and  went into the water. End Result - Armaan Kapoor is dead. The media goes off on a frenzy, the cops are clue less and so is the audience - till then atleast.The plot begins to unravel when a constable tells Suri that this the the third accident on that road and both cases were closed as there was no rational explanation for them. This gets Suri thinking. What follows is a story wherein, demons of Suri and Rani's past (their son died in a boat accident while they were on a picnic ), interspersed with the dark underbelly of prostitution, greed, murder, betrayal, faith and burning human desire to escape the filth that one is drawn into.

The characters are well defined - Sashi - the sleazy pimp, blackmailer, Sanjay Kejriwal - the actors best friend turned partner in crime, Nawazuddin as Temur- the cripple sidekick (a big change from his role in Kahani), Shernaz Patel as the Psychic who can talk to spirits and of course - Kareena Kapoor as Rosy, the call girl. Unfortunately, though everyone has given a competent performance, not a single performance stands out. Aamir is suitably shown as the honest cop turned insomniac turned believer in supernatural events.

The movie, unfortunately has no lighter moments to dispel the gloom. In that regard, the screen play and direction are top class - Its we, who are jaded and seen too many movies of this type, who find nothing new or great in the movie.

Three idiots may have crossed 100 crores or more, but I think this movie may struggle to achieve that figure. There is nothing wrong, but somehow the movie as a whole does not touch you or make you crave to know the ending, because you can figure it out for yourself  immediately after the much for suspense.

Overall I would rate the movie
Rating --  **1/2
But acting  - ***

Go watch it if you have nothing better to do on a sunday .. else you can safely miss it..

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