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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Review – Booring!!!

JTHJ being the last movie by Yash Chopra, expectations were high. The guru of loved had churned out major hits over the years and this movie was his swansong. It’s always good to leave on a high, but  did making this movie help his reputation? Read on.
The Characters
Samar – Shah Rukh Khan -A village bumpkin turned waiter turned Army Major. The character seems to be inspired from the movie “The Hurt Locker” and tries to portray Shah Rukh as the ultimate lover AKA Raj, but however, fails to bring back the same intensity and magic of his previous movies. He looks jaded, with a “Been There, Done That” look. There is no real chemistry between him and Katrina. His chemistry with Anoushka is slightly better, but lacks conviction.. Overall, his acting is competent but lacks soul.
Meera – Katrina Kaif – A Richie rich gal, who has her life planned out viz. Wants to marry a “Gora” not a “Desi” and keeps making these deals with Lord Jesus in a church and pretty much plays the brat who can’t refuse her dad. She looks pretty, her dresses are really chic and trendy, giving her a different look- but the problem—she does not touch your heart with her acting.. A Barbie Doll
Akira -  Anoushka  - She is an adrenaline junkie who is commitment phobic. A topper in everything she does and for a girl who dumps guys before they can dump her, she is shown to fall head over heels in love with Samar, but is not very convincing. Plus side- Her figure is now lean and mean, with washboard abs and looks absolutely fit.
The Story
The story is simple but narrated in a long maudlin way. Samar leaves his village in Punjab because he does not want to join the army, as is the tradition in his family. So he does odd jobs in London (Snow Cleaner, Waiter and a street Musician ). He is noticed by Meera during one of the long interminable songs that dot the movie, and runs into her during her engagement. He notice she does not look too happy (how obvious!!!) and therein starts the sequence of their romance. He teaches her how to sing a Punjabi song and she teaches him how to speak like an Englishman – And love blossoms : Except Meera has promised Jesus that she won’t cross her friendship boundary with Samar, but hormones can’t be kept in check and obviously they mate… and Samar meets with an accident. She rationalises that its Jesus’s way of telling her to lay off this guy and that’s what she does. He is heartbroken and goes on to become an Army Major in a Bomb Squad, defying Jesus to kill him but defusing bombs without any protective gear. He is given the epithet “The man who cannot die”. 

Enter Akira. She dives into a cold lake at Leh (same place as the Three Idiots scene) to win a bet but is about to drown. Obviously, the major is there and he saves her and in the process covers her with his jacket. This jacket contains his diary with his life story and Anoushka, the tart or tigress, is hooked. She joins the bomb disposal unit to make a documentary and love blossoms. Except there is a twist where a Yo-Yo starts between Meera and Akira.  I could go on and on, but the story is too long and you would be spared the agony If I let on the secret. So go and watch to know the entire story.
The screen plays too long but still does not manage to create a connect between the characters and the audience. The songs are a distraction and if they would have done away with them, the movie would have been better. This must rank as Rehman’s most mediocre work to date. Utter Boredom!!!
The picturesque locales of Leh, Kashmir and England are photographed  beautifully. The storytelling is logical but gets bogged down and three hours is just to long. I counted 10 yawns and my little daughter pestering me to go home after the interval. The romantic scenes, I believe were shot by Aditya Chopra and therefore, I guess, the disconnect shows.
I am a big fan of Yash Chopra and I love his movies, but Chopraji, you could’ve done better and left us with a more endearing memory. Sadly, that was not to be so. The movie, being released may do well due to the expectations and the hype, but this one can’t be endured once, leave alone, watching it a second time. Go if you have loads of time to kill and are a hopeless romantic.
Rating - ** ½  (1/2 extra for yashji… )

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  1. Thank u so much shah....was anyways nt planning to go..u just strengthened the resolve. Luv the tetminology...washboard abs & all :). Looking fwd to SOS review..seems like a better bet

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  3. Akhilesh well packaged it...!! I am too a Yash Chopra & Shahrukh Fan but this movie was a total disappointment. Shahrukh looks old for his character in the first half and suits well for the Army character. I totally agree that the movie has no soul which is unusual for the Yash Chopra make and with no chemistry between the characters . But its too late, I watched it last Friday. Wish I had read your review earlier. 3 ½ Hours of Sleep deprived......!!!!