Review of Latest Hindi Movies: KHILADI 786 - AKSHAY KUMAR AKA RAJNI....

Saturday, December 8, 2012


After the slew of hi-profile releases last month (and supposedly hi brow and classy), here comes an offering which is a study in contrast. Akshay "Khiladi" Kumar is alive, kicking and in every frame of the movie (but strangely enough you dont feel overwhelmed !!).

At the start, we are given a visual demo of how punjab police have outsourced their job to curtail smuggling to one "Bhattar Singh" or 72 Singh as seen on his name tally. I mean, if one guy can do the job ( smash into a smugglers den, beat up about 100 goons and re-appropriate the spoils amongst themselves and then some for the villagers and the government) then why waste time and effort of atleast 20, pot-bellied and pan-slobbering police men!!!!!!!

Anyway, we are informed that 72 Singh is actually a goon, robinhood and a demi-god , all rolled into one. This khiladi is a non-starter when it comes to wooing the opposite sex. He and his family are desperately trying to find a good match for him, but no dad is willing to give him his daughters hand because of his reputation. Now, it seems that the same problem was faced by his dad and chacha. His dad's mother is an African lady called Mandela Kaur!! , his mother is a canadian and his Chachi is a Chinese!!!!! And boy, their offspring look indian.. !!! Genetics... what a bummer!!! as to their names, Dad is Sattar Singh, Chacha is Ek Hattar Singh, Khiladi is Bahattar  Singh, 73 Singh (I cant recollect the hindi name for 73) was lost in a mela (thankfully, not the Kumbh one!!), 74 Singh is his chacha's son (the chinese babes kid)..and now I am lost..???
To cut a long story short, we move to mumbai where Mithun as the dreaded Don TTT (Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar) has a maniacal sister Indu (Asin - Looking absolutely gorgeous and shapely - Lipo or workout.. I am not sure), who drives of prospective goons oops... grooms by her dare driving skills, because she is in love with a Hare Brained, criminal with a Hyderabadi accent  called Azad, who is Jail Prone (see the movie to understand  this term!!).

The third element is a wedding planner, Himmesh bhai, whose father is the owner and has completed some 450+ marriages and is looking for completing 500. But-- Himmesh, with this goofy behaviour is jinxed and says the wrong things at the wrong time and instead of getting married, the marriages are called off... So he is kicked out and wants to prove a point to his dad that he can also get people married. Therein lies the story... of how Himmesh, tries to marry off 72 Singh with Indu and thereof..

The story is whacky and non-sensical but the director makes no bones about it. The direction is like Rohit Shetty meets Crouching Tiger and Moon Acrobatics.. I mean, flying cars, flying people, punches that send people into orbit and cars that keep blowing off.. there is enough excitement to whet your appetite. Believe me, this film is for the masses and please see it for the sheer incredulity of events that the director want you to see.
Music by Himmesh Bhai is as nasal as it can get, but watching his voice resonate through akshay is hilarious. The songs are tedious and continuing with the trend this year(Almost all hindi movies had awful sound tracks!!!).
Verdict - To be honest- there was never a dull moment on screen and your belief systems were being stretched every second. Asin was wasted in this movie (but she looked gorgeous, and I dont know why she wants to do these movies, she looks too sophisticated !!!). Raj Babbar and Mithun - the old warhorses prove that they still have it... Himmesh is believable and cute and I guess has now found his space.. :). Akshay is really good and holds the movie together.. very entertaining -  Overall-

RATING - **1/2 ( and ***1/2 only for Akshay).
Warning - Watch it with no pre-conceived notions..!!!!!!


  1. I am happy I did not watch this film otherwise Akshay trolls would have cursed me after my review (like they did after Rowdy Rathore) ;)
    But I'm glad you enjoyed the film the way it's meant to be.

  2. Haha.. PPl cant take criticism .. they need to lighten up.. :)