Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Sunny Leone Rocks Big Boss and India

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunny Leone Rocks Big Boss and India

From the time it was announced that Sunny Leone would be entering Big Boss, intense curiosity gripped the Nation. Who is this Sunny Leone? What makes her a candidate for this show? I must say, in this season of Big Boss, by managing to get Sunny to agree to do Big Boss, it has been a masterstroke. This intense curiosity has generated an interesting statistic - Sunny Leone has overtaken Katrina Kaif and Aishwariya Rai as the most searched celebrity(See this video Sunny is India's most searched celebrity. hmm..The punju gal from Canada has now ARRIVED !

I am not a big fan of Big Boss and this years edition didnt seem exciting when they started off with some 11 women and one male (and that to Shakti Kapoor looking ridiculous with Blonde hair and some weird looking goggles...). That he was the first to leave was no surprise followed by the other weird inmates- As far as shock value went - Kaput , Nada... But then came the announcement- Sunny Leone to enter Big Boss and that piqued my interest. I started watching the show..ahem...!! just to see the group dynamics and from the point of view of pyscology...!!! (her being the cutest in the house at present has no bearing on my decision...:) )

I had vaguely heard about Sunny a couple of years ago and had heard about what she did for a living. To add to the mystique, I had recently seen a movie called "The Experiment" (based on throwing some people together and divided into two sets , one set would be the prisoners and the other Policemen.All had to follow certain rules and they had to stay in a confined space as they were being watched and a study was being conducted on them). Therefore, for such a random variable like Sunny ( porn star - details available at this excellent article at ) to be inserted amongst three males (Amar, Akash and Siddharth) and some Six  women (Pooja Bedi, Pooja Mishra, Juhi, Shonali, Shraddha and Mahek ) would definitely lead to some interesting behaviour and reactions (i.e. if they knew what she did ).

Well, it turned out most of them didnt know who she was and what she did. She very smartly told everyone that she had a production house in Canada making films. Her behaviour was very guarded (expectedly so as this was akin to being placed among chimpanzees in a forest), and her broken Hindi added to her allure. I must say, at present she is a smart cookie. She has integrated herself very well with the inmates, joined the group which is in ascendancy and seems to be controlling the house. Though she has not had a run in with siddharth, she cant stand him (obvious body language), is definitely attracted to Sky (AKA Akash), has become very close to Juhi (Juhi is the grand momma of the house after Pooja Bedi'd departure (Which I think was a pity as she was on track to winning it and I admire her for knowing what her priorities are), just about tolerates Pooja Mishra, is a little uncomfortable around Amar (especially after Amar's wife told him about Shonali's feelings on some comments he had made), was getting close to Pooja Bedi before she left and was ok-ok with Mahek.

At present, in the house, she seems to be the most popular inmate in the house.   Some of the inmates know about Sunny's past and the biggest deal of it all - Mahesh Bhatt offering Sunny a role in his upcoming movie to which she has agreed to (The look on Shonali's face was priceless as she was not given the role in Jism after being promised the same, the other women - Mahek and Shraddha were also burning with envy). She seems to have garnered the big bucks and the attention. But to be honest, I think she does not need the money (She is a smart lady, with lots of cash). She is doing what other Desi's are doing abroad - trying to cash into the Indian growth story and get a change of scenery.

Sunny, with her background, experience is far ahead of the game as compared to the other inmates. She has a better understanding of Human Psychology and her experience has been so varied and vast that none in the house can match up to that. Will she win or not? If I was a betting man, I would say Sunny, Akash and Juhi would be the last three in the house..after that, God Knows :)

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