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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pappu cant dance sala Review

Name - Pappu cant dance sala
Actors- Vinay Pathak, Neha Dhupia
Director - Saurabh Shukla

Every person would like to hedge his bets and diversify into different things that can become a cash cow or atleast give him more options to earn in life. By directing Pappu--- , Saurabh Shukla is trying to become a director so when acting jobs dry up..he can direct..Does he have a future..well. I'd say Maybe-Maybe not..based on his present movie - Pappu Cant Dance Sala.

Methinks its autobiographical - the travails of a new entrant to Mumbai in trying to eke out a living..this movie probably is a reflection of the directors struggles (vastly exaggerated, but in some ways close). Did he have the good(or bad luck) to have a babe illegally occupy his apartment in real life..I dont think so..but hey this is a movie and anything is possible!!! His string of bad luck is  so BAD, it reminds me of a dialogue from the moview RASCALS - "Jab aadmi ki kismat kharab hoti hai, to agar woh Unnth(camel) pe bhi baitha ho, kutta use kat le ga". So there it goes..and that sets the tone for the movie.

So you get the story - Small town guy, meets big town wannabe starlet who is being hounded by a sleazy director (whatever!!!) -- is religious and preaches piety to a girl who isnt too bothered about all that... and somewhere down the line, they fall in love (she finds him endearing!! compared to the sleazy mumbai guys!!! ) and then live happily ever after. To be honest, everyone likes a struggler story where the good guy gets the girl and they live a happy middle class life and all that.. Nothing new, nothing that has been done before and definitely no music that can match up to the original song "Pappu cant Dance Sala" . Watch it if you have nothing better to may like it...I was bored..

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