Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Ladies vs Ricky Bahl - Women Power vs Con Power

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl - Women Power vs Con Power

Yash Raj Films have decided that making movies on the Punjabi heartland and Bhangra boyz is not a paying affair any more. After Dil bole Hadippa's debacle (Rani mukherji in a cross over role), they decided to go svelte, sexy and suave. Badmash Company was one such con flick that improved the financial status of YRF and now Ladiez oops Ladies vs Ricky Bahl is seems set to do that once again.

 It is said that if It ain't broke, dont fix it and going with that maxim, the Anoushka - Ranveer jodi from Band Baja Baraat has been kept intact. First impressions from the promo's was that this jodi's chemistry is sizzling. Either they are great actors or they are actually very "good friends", I really dont care, 'cause I love they way they look together and behave's fun. Enough banter..Well to get back to the movie...

 This movie is all about "Dont Get Mad- Get Even" and "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or cheated", but in true filmy style, the guy had to have the last laugh...sigh..!!! Anyways, if I tell you the story, you wont enjoy the movie so let me give you the gist and leave you to see the rest.
The Screenplay
Well defined characters always make a movie interesting. Be it the Delhi Bimbo (brilliantly played by Parineeti Chopra aka Dimple in the movie) who stays in a lavish Model Town house and has a property tycoon father (Similar to Boman Irani in Khosla Ka Ghosla), the corporate B****h, again convincingly portrayed by Deepanita) and the simple muslim widow from lucknow ( Aditi Sharma  ) , all are convincingly etched out and make for believable characters. The "Conman's" character is clearly defined and so is anoushka's(as the Saucy Salesgirl turned "conwoman" (Shades of Kangana in Rascal are evident). The storyline never flags till about the last 15 minutes or so. There are gaps in the story (like how does he choose his victims, prepare for them - shades of Catch Me if you can or Dhoom II) , but I guess you can assume that a conman will prepar so there is no point in wasting screentime on that.  Otherwise, pretty decent storyline with decent con jobs (only theVictims were made out to be too gullible).

 The editing is taut and the pace of the movie is fast and scenes rarely seem out of place. Good job there..

The background score is a mix of trance and pop, in keeping with the location - goa. Only the title song being shown in the promos is catchy, otherwise all other songs are so-so. Salim-Suleiman dont really make the cut with this score. It could have been better..duh  ...obviously!!!!

Direction and Acting
The direction is good and focused and full marks to the director Maneeh Sharma for etching out well defined lead characters. Dimple, Naina and Sara are all superb, Ranveer is competent and did a great job as the Conman. Anoushka's acting was sparkly and I felt a little too loud...but she handled the "Conwoman's" role with aplomb. Overall, all characters did a pretty decent job. I felt the victims were portrayed a little too gullible (I mean, does anyone hand over a Crore to buy a painting without getting it verified by an Art Expert) or does anyone pay 10 lacs in cash for an advance order for clothes to a relative unknown is a bit farfetched but it works for the movie. However, my personal favourite character was the Delhi gal- Dimple- Simply adorable .

Overall Rating. 
 Good guys finish last!!!! The fact that Dimple still had feelings for the Conman even after being swindled and Anoushka falling in love with the conman (Bakri aur kasai ke beech mein ishq ho gaya), indicate that to be a ladies man you need to be edgy. Seedha Sadha guys stand no chance.  However, the way the girls team up to take the conman to task and how he responds is quite interesting. I would rate the movie a 7 out of 10. A decent timepass watch over the weekend. Go for Dimple and her endearing " delhiness"  and for the sizzling chemistry between Anoushka and Ranveer and enjoy.!!!!!

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