Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Don 2 - The Chase for the audience begins!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don 2 - The Chase for the audience begins!!

I am a big fan of Farhan Akhtar’s directing skills and he has not let us down in Don2. Slick editing, great production values, snappy story line and great stunts make this a technically sound movie. However, the zing is lacking.
The story takes off from where we left off in Don 1. Don has become the king of the underworld, so big and powerful that other crime syndicates are out to get him. During one such attempt, Don masterminds the biggest plot of his life, that will get rid of all his enemies and he shall be able to retire from a life of crime. To achieve this, he gets himself arrested, teams up with his old foe Vardhan(Boman Irani), escapes a maximum security prison and then moves across the world openly(inspite of an Interpol alert) to mastermind a mint robbery. Anything more and I shall be giving away the plot so watch it if you must…
 Slick and racy.. great work  Never a dull moment. Always a twist and nothing is what it seems.
Direction and Acting
The characters have been pretty much defined in Don 1 so only some additional characters were required. Shahrukh is looking grungy in parts, suave in others. There is a touch of daredevilry in his acting.  Priyanka looks gorgeous in the detective outfits  but seems lost. The director tried to show that she still had a soft corner for Don ( Bad guys are more interesting) but she does not believe him. Om puri as the chief looks woefully out of place and not in command.  Lara Dutta as the Don’s moll is ok-ok. Boman Irani looks as devilish and conniving as ever.  The rest are quite ok but lack soul.  Shahrukh has tried to copy Pierce Brosnan, Tom cruise (Ethan Hunt) put together but does not seem very convincing.
Overall rating.
Don 2 has been “inspired” by myriad James Bond movies and Mission Impossible 1(the scenes, the dialogues, the setting, the stunts etc ) and have a déjà vu feel to it.  Don’s seeming indestructibility is somewhat boring.  It’s been done before and it looks repeated and jaded.  That’s why the film is boring for people who are used to MI and James Bond. The plot is explained reasonably well and executed admirably.. but at the end of the day, like I said, the movie lacks soul. What is sad, is that Don could've have become a big brand like James Bond and Ethan Hunt (MI) but, it sadly misses the bus. Watch it if you want to know what happens otherwise you can safely miss it.

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