Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Heroine - Wasted Time

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heroine - Wasted Time


Considering all the brouhaha  about the role that erupted a few years back, primarily by Kareena over not being considered for the role and then fighting for it , one expected that the movie would be something that would shake us out of our comfort zone.. however, the truth is different. 

The story starts with Kareena , Mahi, being thrown out a car and she walking into a police station, with  a dazed look, cigarette in hand and washed up make up.. this scene definitely did not tug at my heart strings. To be honest, the movie meandered onto such a confused path that writing this review is a real task.. therefore I shall cut to the chase and go to the heart of it...

Kareena as Mahi, an upcoming star, has fallen in love with another star actor - Arjun Rampal  as Angad. Predictably, Angad is married with a child and has started divorce proceedings. Mahi is hooked...line and sinker and for that is willing to go to any lengths. Angad, cant handle this and they finally (how obvious !!!) break up. She is devasted and turns to a PR  Rep(played pretty well by Divya Dutta), who as a spin doctor, gets her endorsements, openings etc.. which give her the visibility to get considered for a movie. In the meanwhile she gets hooked with Randeep Hooda - Vice Captain Indian cricket team, who is  the rakhee brother of an Upcoming Actor Abbas's wife - Abbas.. To cut a long story short, she gets the movie with Abbas, spurns his advances, he takes revenge by cutting her role to a minimun and she is devasted. She turns to a moody art film director (Well played by Ranvir Sheorey) who is going to make a movie on a prostitute to show case her acting skills .. Blah blah ...she has a moment with another actress in the film (Shahana Goswami), the film is shelved and she is again back to her self destructive ways. 
She acts in a small film Annie, which does not have enough money for promotion. She turns to Divya Dutta who tells her, that nothing can be done and only a controversey can make her film a hit. Mahi then shows her a sex clip shot by her with arjun rampal. The clip is uploaded, and the resulting controversey makes her film a big hit and she gets what she wants...

The story is not over and I will not let the viewer off the hook.. Please go and see the movie.. you will know what a bad , confused movie looks like and when a star is getting too big for his/her boots, what can happen - nothing short of a black hole. 
I expected a better movie from Madhur Bhandarkar, but I guess he wanted to sc*** kareena's film career and his own in the bargain. Boring, predictable and utter rot are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe the movie. Watch it if you suffer from Insomnia or are a Masochist.

Rating - */2

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