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Monday, September 17, 2012

Barfi! - Review - Truly Magical !!!

There are movies with a story to tell and stories that cry to be made into movies, but rarely one comes across a movie that effortlessly transcends these boundaries and comes across as the only way to tell a story. Barfi! is all that and a lot more.

Set in the hills of Darjeeling, Barfi! is all about a boy (Ranbir Kapoor), who is born deaf and dumb but is not hampered by it. In fact, he makes it out to be a virtue. There is no sympathy asked and none given. He is one of the boys, in with a chance with the girls and what more can one say.

The story is deceptively simple, but the screenplay, direction and cinematography transport it to another dimension of emotional complexity. The viewer is transported into the simple pleasures that bring happiness to us. The basic emotions of greed, love, lust, envy are all there.

Barfi! is a love triangle wherein, a deaf and dumb Ranbir (Barfi!) manages to win the love of a gorgeous Ileana D'Cruz (Shruti ) with his carefree ways and the undying devotion and love of Priyanka (who plays an autistic/retard) with his selfless devotion and caring nature.

The characters are well defined and crisp. Ileana as the young, impressionable, fashionable about to get engaged girl is heartachingly beautiful. The cinematographer - Ravi Varman has caputured her with such admiration that her every nuance, expression and gesture conveys emotion with such sincerity that one cant help falling in love with her and empathising with her when she is too late to......
Priyanka is convincing and absolutely brilliant. This role is such a departure from her usual roles that its is a joy to watch her. Her expressions convey love, lust, longing, envy with such ease that one can be forgiven for believing that she is born that way.. Her look when she sees Illeana's graceful back in Kolkata and her efforts to recreate the same is so subtle but yet so defining a woman that it hits you. Her obvious defensive reaction to Illeana is so natural, the trait of possessiveness comes across loud and clear.. I may be a retard but I am a woman too.....

And what do I say about Ranbir!1 Simply brilliant. He emotes with such ease, that one is left astounded at what this young man can do. He is UP THERE and is well on his way to becoming a legend.

Ashish Vidyathi as Jhilmil's dad is competent but doesnt have much to do. Saurabh shukla is effective as the overweight and harrassed cop, Rita Ganguly as Illean's mum is suitably competent and quietly scheming. The rest of the cast ably support the lead characters.

The director, Anurag Basu's recitation of this story is fluid and carefree. His technique of running a paralllel story line (past and present together) keeps you hooked. The cinematography is vivid and the use of lighting is absolutely spot on.Another nice touch are the travelling musicians who maintain a certain soulful atmosphere throughout the movie.

Go and watch the movie for its old world charm , its lack of pretentiousness, fluid storytelling and some brilliant performances by its lead characters. The only flaw is the ending, which could've been handled better as it just dragged on a little bit. However, I can forgive that and so will you...

Rating :- ****1/2

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