Review of Latest Hindi Movies: KYA SUPER kOOL HAI HUM-THEY WISH!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Straight off the bat- I am a big fan of Kya Super Kool hai Hum. I thought it was crazy and fun, and very well made. It gave a different meaning to the phrase "Double Entendre". For someone who loves movies like the "Matrix" and "The Dark Knight".. it was a sea change .. and keeping that in mind I went to see "Kya Super Kool hai hum" ( I also kept all logical reasoning aside - a primary requisite to enjoy the movie) and ...welll.... read on..

First things first - The double entendre is alive and kick with a few takes on various serials when Simran( Neha) is taking about guys she refers to the serial "Bade Achhe Lagte Hain"..go Figure.. However, the movie is a series of double meaning phrases that we have heard over the past few years...yeah..Super Kool Should have cum...oops come a few years back.. :)

The characters -
 Neha Sharma (pretty with big beautiful eyes)  as Simran, a call center employee with rich parents, Sarah Jane Dias as Anu, a model
 Riteish as a wannabe DJ Sid with a stud dog
Tusshar , as Adi, a wannabe actor, stalking Rohit Shetty
Chunky Pandey as Baba 3G
Anupam Kher as Francis Marlo - Anu's crazy and gullible dad
Rohit shetty - Special appearance

The story is a mix  of "Kismat Konnection, Vicky Donor,  and Dostana" all rolled into one. Incidents like Carol Gracias wardrobe malfunction are also featured into the story. Adi and DJ Sid are stugglers trying to make their mark in the world. Adi as an actor.. who is forced to do teleshopping ad s till he gets the big break and Sid, trying to be a DJ but somehow manages to bungle up the party... Adi goes to a Tarot Card reader , Sunita Menon to get an insight into what the future hold for him. Sh  tells him that a girl is about to come into his life, her name beginiing with "S", who shall change his fortunes. Sure enough..after meeting Simran in a bus, he gets a call that he has been shortlisted for a movie called "chinghum"....
DJ Sid survives on his dog's sexploits.... His dog is called Sakru (pug) and is a donor...( Vicky), who is in great demand for breeding... and Sid gets paid handsomely... what a life. cut a long story short, Sid meets Anu while he is playing as a stand-in DJ at a fashion show and is responsible for her wardrobe malfunction. She gets even with him by sending him up as a stand-in escort to a roomful of bored housewives into S&M.  Adi, in the meantime proposes to Simran, who gets scared and tells him that she is a Lesbian... However, the young lover is not satisfied so he and sid go to Goa. Here, sid meets Anu's dad who has been convinced by Baba 3 G that his mother (Rosemary Marlo... Duh!!!)  has taken rebirth in the form of a pug.. that allows him and his 5 disciples to free load on francis Marlo... what follows is a tiresome comedy comprising of stale gay jokes and cliched Double meaning dialogues.
Well, go and watch it if you are not current with Double Meaning dialogues and havent watched some of the hindi movies mentioned above, other wise you can safely give it a miss....

Rating * 1/2.

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