Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Ferrari Ki Sawari- Enjoy the Ride!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ferrari Ki Sawari- Enjoy the Ride!!!

Ferrari -- throws up images of a Red Prancing horse, the high pitched scream of a 800 Hp formula one car, whizzing through Monza and of course of excellence in engineering and design - A reminder that technologically superior products can also be beautiful while giving ultimate performance (Apple iPad, in point)...lest I digress further, let me get on with the review.

The movie starts up in true Vinod Chopra style.. setting the mood for the character - in this case Sharman Joshi - a Parsi single dad, bringing up his son, riding a scooter alongwith his son, inadvertently breaks a traffic light. Now being an upright RTO clerk and wanting to set the correct example for his son, and finding no traffic havaldar in sight, he looks for one, and ensures that he is challaned and pays a fine. Now, this seems far-fetched and not exactly in the nature of normal humans...but drives the point home.

 By then we have been introduced to Rustom - Sharman Joshi, Ritwik Sahore and Kayo, Boman Irani as Deboo- Sharman's father and a disgruntled old man, The Honest Police inspector - who does not shy away from impounding wrongly parked foreign cars, the traffic constable - a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar and who wants to avoid controversy by NOT picking up foreign cars as they may belong to politicians or industrialist and he may be pulled up for the actually doing his job, Kayo's  cricket coach and of course the Over the Top, Punjabi Wedding Planner -

The story is based around Kayo- a talented budding cricketer, who belongs to a middle class family.  Rustom finds it difficult to provide for Kayo's cricketing gear but somehow manages. However, one day an oppotunity comes knocking at their door - A coaching camp to Lords, London, for which Kayo will definitely be selected, however, the cost is Rs One and Half Lac, which is the deal breaker for the financially strapped Rustom. A Lac and Half, a disgruntled Grandad (Bade papa), an unscrupulous friend of grand papa- Dharmadhikari-played by Paresh Rawal , all threaten to destroy this boys dream.

Opportunity knocks and how. There is money to be made but there is a rider, A Ferrari is needed for a Corporator's sons wedding and the wedding planners best bet is Rustom. How everything falls in place is something that you must watch for yourself but there are some key takeaways from this movie:-
(a) Under the right conditions, if given a chance, Everyone is capable of crime - even the most             honest  among us.
(b) However, when the honest commit a crime, the element of guilt is too much and they cant live with it.. so they definitely try to make it up...

Overall, the movie scores for its simplicity and some genuine acting skills. Characterisation is good, however some of them like the coach suffer, as there isnt enough time or emphasis given to them in the script. Sharman as Rustom is very Likeable and does an excellent job.. Ritwik, the mac Donalds find, is good, however, the honours once again go to Boman irani, as the irascible old Parsi Gentleman, he is in his element.  Rest all have done a competent job... The movie lacks  energy and Vidya Balan's item number could'nt do much to increase it.. However, the pace is brisk and the kids will definitely love it...

A must watch with children and a May watch if you are on your own...

Rating - *** 1/2

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