Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Two (2) States - Review - Worth Watching!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Two (2) States - Review - Worth Watching!

It's been a long time since I have been anticipating a Hindi Movie. In fact, I had given up on Hindi movies this year as some very forgettable movies with weird names have been released to equally damning reviews. However, 2 States, breaks that trend and not surprisingly - I liked it. 

2 States works because it's unabashedly indian with a bit of western values thrown in. It's based on the popular novel by "2 States" by Chetan Bhagat. Giving full credit to the team who made this movie- they stayed true to the book and in my opinion, made a movie better than the book!!

Let me tell you what I loved. The setting, the clothes (especially Alia Bhatt's ). She has worn some lovely Kurtis and south Indian Sarees in the movie. I can see them becoming a rage. The red saree she wears at the end, during the marriage, is simply exquisite. Secondly, the narrative is easy and fluid. In fact the film flows and you don't notice the passage of time. No time is wasted. 

Third, the music is good. After a long time, some good decent music in a movie. The song Locha-se-Ulfat ho gaya is catchy. The background score works. 

Fourth, Arjun kapoor - He is a new comer; did come across a bit wooden, but I think he has great potential. He did a fine job and though it seemed that Alia Bhat would overshadow him (she did in a few scenes) but, he held on and marked his presence. Watch out for him. 

Finally Alia. Among the new actresses, she is has great potential and has done some good work already. She was in charge here - Of the relationship, of the movie. Great job!!. Ronit roy and Amrita Singh as Arjuns parents are good and so are Alia's parents - Revathi, Shiv Kumar as Ananya's parents also contribute effectively. 

The screenplay is good and flows. the direction is spot on (never a dull moment) and editing is tight. All what I expect of Karan Johar - and he delivers again.... 

You all know the story. I saw it in South India and certain dialogues like " All Madrasis are Black and Punjabis are loud and uncultured" could raise a stink.. but the audience lapped it up and CLAPPED and the end of the movie. haven't seen that in a while!!!

Finally, 2 States works because its about love and family. Ananya, though a Tamil Brahmin, eats meat and drinks, but still obeys her parents. Arjun kapoor - lives in dysfunctional household, but still yearns for his parents and gives them a chance- doesn't give up on them. I think thats what we want to watch and want. Loving Family, loving spouse and all of us embracing our differences to make things work.  Thats our India Today...

I would rate it 4 stars and recommend everyone to watch it. 

Rating -  ****  (heart says 1/2 more because I am a romantic at heart)


  1. I think much of it what has been shot and what is in the novel has been edited out in the released version. The scenes where the hero meets the prospective Punjabi bride at the behest of his mother and donning of Lungi with help from to be Father-in-law etc. have not made it to the Theatre version. However, they were shown in the promos on one of the movie reviews by a Popular TV channel.

    The director probably under-prescribed the South Indian (Tamilian) dose may be not to waste much of time on the screen in trying to educate/ bore the audience about the culture and traditions of Punjab and Tamilnadu states ('2 States').

    Notwithstanding, it was a great effort and paisa vasool for good entertainment and brilliant performances.

    The movie deserves 4 rating primarily for the brilliant work of debutant director Abhishek Varma who extracted controlled and balanced performance from all the artistes. Alia looks very refreshing and looks beautiful in all kind of outfits be it South Indian (Tamilian) or the modern ones. Arjun Kapoor displays excellent emotions and chemistry with all the characters who played his mother, father, lover and prospective in-laws in the movie. Amrita Singh just fits into the role like butter on the toast. Revati as the heroine's mother cake walks her part. The best performance is of Ronit Roy who has been brilliant as the hero's father and enacts all the tough scenes with utmost grace and elan.

    Arjun and Alia may go from here to enthrall the cinema lovers more and more with their movies which they would get to sign after this fantastic show.