Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Shaadi Ke Side Effects - As Bad as the movie's side effects!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shaadi Ke Side Effects - As Bad as the movie's side effects!

Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan - The movie must be good, or rather, the movie should be good. So with great expectations, I ventured into the hall for a dekko. I must say, I made up for my lack of sleep last night!

Thats what happens to the most awaited rom-com of the year! Its like a ho-hum marriage between the movie and the audience. Well , getting back to the movie.

The movie starts on a promising note with a role play thrown in - Sid (farhan) picks up Trisha (Vidya) in a disk and in a few minutes, cannot keep their hands off each other. One thing leads to another and they both end up in a hotel room. But Big brother is watching (Hotel CCTV).!!! The security officer comes knocking and reprimands Sid for his actions, however, when Sid tells him that Trisha is his wife and this Role play was done to keep things spiced up in their marriage, the security officer becomes his fan and asks Sid for some relationship advice!!!! WTH.

Well, thereafter, the movie is a set of cliches. Guy cant grow up, the wife is the only responsible one and blah, blah. Along comes a baby and trisha goes bananas. From Sid centric to Baby centric (cute kid but the casting director got it wrong with this kid!!!).  Dads are depicted as either complete wimps or those Tiger Dads who will push and shove everyone in the kids party to get the goodies from the balloon... with the wife looking at him with adoring eyes. If the director wanted us to see the foolishness of all this, tongue in cheek, he did'nt succeed!!!!

So he goes to another "Perfect Dad"- Ram Kapoor for advice. Ram takes off a couple of days a month to a hotel for some me time, so that he can get back to being the perfect dad... and reduce the number of fights with his wife.  Trying to follow this, Sid takes off on a similar journey, succeeding at first but then, foolishly comes clean with his wife, who just shuts him out over this "Betrayal". God forbid if he had an affair!!! She would have donned Kali Mata avtaar and made blood her favourite drink!!!!

There are lotsa twist and turns with a couple of funny moments thrown in, but overall , the story and screen play disappoint. I'M SORRY is the most popular dialogue in the movie, with all the husbands forever apologising. So according the the movie, the side effects are:-

1. I'M Sorry works in all cases, even if you have won the nobel prize!

2. Women change after Marriage and post childbirth, are completely unreasonable. Nothing that the guy does or say, will be correct. period.

3. If you work too hard to meet her expectations, she will crib you have no time for her, and if you spend time with her, she will crib that you have no money to meet her requirements!!!!

4. The modern woman cannot live without a maid...even if the hubby is willing to help!!!

5. Husbands and Fathers cannot even think of going back to a semblance of their old lives - Wives will not allow it!!!!

6. What ever happiness you give her is only fleeting- She will think of something which is your fault in making her happy !!!!! You can never make her happy!!!!!

The movie didn't work for me because what was portrayed was too cliched and ..lets face it, boriiiiiing. The subject had tremendous potential but sadly, it fell way short. Pyaar ke side effects was wayyy better and entertaining. Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat worked ,., but alas , Vidya and Farhan failed miserably to create that chemistry. I wouldn't be surprised if guys stop marrying after this movie!!!!

Should you watch it. Well, it depends. If you are an incurable romantic- go ahead, if you are a guy - definitely avoid. The single guys may be able to - Married guys - No chance :D

Rating :- **

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