Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani - Mushy- Old Wine in a New Bottle !

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani - Mushy- Old Wine in a New Bottle !

I'm back!!! After a slew of really forgettable movies for which really did'nt deserve a review, I was off movies for quite some time. Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani piqued my interest, being a Ayan Mukherji movie ( I absolutely loved the movie (review here) ). Ranbir and Deepika (my current two favourites!) also drew me towards the movie, and well I had to watch it.

The movie starts off with Naina (Deepika) and Aditi (Kalki Koechlin) meeting at a supermarket. Naina is a geek (she looks gorgeous!!!) studying hard to be a doctor and Kalki is the proverbial art student having fun. Aditi tells Naina that she is off to Manali for a trek. Naina's Tiger Mom (Dolly Aluwahlia of Vicky Donor fame) looks down upon Aditi as a bad influence but is unable to see her daughters interest has been piqued by this trek. Basically, Naina wanted to do something different for a change, rather than be just a bookworm, studying to be a doctor. She wants to have fun in life. Her solution - Logging on to MakeMy trip and joining the trek !!!! Just imagine - one night prior she expects a train booking!! Duh.. but as they say fortune favours the brave.

At the station she meets the rest of her classmates - The "Kool" gang - Ranbir as (Bunny AKA Kabir) and Aditya Roy Kapur as Avinash/avi). from thereon, its a roller coaster ride for Naina as she is learning how to have fun and hand out with the cool crowd. In turn, the kool crowd slowly discovers that though Naina is a bookworm, she has a side to her that they never knew!

The four of them discuss their plans and then realise that this trek will the last time they are going to be together. Naina realises that she is in love with Kabir but he has dreams of making it big and she does not figure in that picture- so she steps aside. Aditi loves Avi but he is ignorant of that fact... Now we start descending into Karan Johar territory.

The second half is set against the backdrop of Aditi's marriage in Udaipur (Destination Wedding). All the friends converge. The dynamics of their changed relationship is explored in detail by Ayan and the screenplay with all elements of love, anger, betrayal, Jealousy and friendship being explored.

Make no mistake - This movie is centered around Ranbir and to some extent Deepika. Ranbir is beautifully portrayed as a flirt who will not get serious because he wants to do everything in this lifetime without anyone hindering him. Deepika is the traditional, rooted girl who savours the moment without worrying about what she is missing in the process. There are a host of characters - Aditi's husband, Ranbir's dad, the flirty Lara (Evelyn Sharma) and the icing on the cake - Madhuri Dixit.

Madhuri's song "Ghagra" at the start is very well shot and choreographed. Madhuri shows why she rules  Bollywood where dancing is concerned. She is truly magical and graceful and retains her dancing skills.

The performances are top class - Ranbir, I firmly believe is the next superstar. Deepika is just nsuperb and delivers a very composed and convincing performance. The direction,screenplay and production is top class. However I felt that the story was a hash of old Karan Johar movies. Reasons as follows:-
1. The names - Naina, Kabir.
2.  The scenes - Naina almost missing the train for the trek, the realisation that she loves him and he something else (his dreams), the entire wedding (reminds me of Kuch Kuch Hota hai).
3. Loaded with cliches - All geeks are boring. If you have'nt done wild stuff in life, you are un cool and sidey)
However, the movie is feel good, emotional and well put together. A decent watch for a weekend.

Rating  - *** (would have given it 4.5 stars for a different  ending. )

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