Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns - Twisted Tale

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns - Twisted Tale

 I just loved the First installment of this movie - Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster. The story of intrigue, deception and betrayal was woven so beautifully in to the fabric of a small town UP Royal Family, that one could almost empathize with them. The Rich and royalty have money and servants who are fanatically loyal to them, but they have different problems. Loneliness, betrayal and a longing for the good old days when they were kings and treated like one. But, stopping my rambling and getting back to the movie, I really liked the second edition too.

This edition too has it all. Love, intrigue, betrayal, sex, despondency, greed, revenge and a lot more. Saheb is Jimmy Shergill, Biwi is Mahi Gill (Man, we are up to our "Gills" in this cast!!! ) and the Gangsta is Inderjit Singh - A poor royal whose family was wiped out by Jimmy's family somewhere in the past.... REVENGE!!!
Mahi as Madhavi is the Sozzled (and Sizzling !!) wife, who is also the MLA of Devgarh, in name. She is controlled by Saheb and he doles out favours using her as a proxy. Continuing from the last movie, he is wheel chair bound but as deadly as ever. The venom that he displays while talking to Madhavi can only be rivaled by a Cobra! Madhavi, as the neglected wife, displays a perplexing love for Saheb and is perpetually drunk. She drinks to forget her loneliness and neglect.... u almost feel sorry for her!!!

The game changes when Saheb's mother ask's him to get married again and shows him Soha's photo (Ranjana in the movie). He is floored and then plays a game to force her father to get her married to him. But there are no free lunches in life... her father starts plotting his downfall by attacking him where it hurts.. his criminal enterprise and sending Irrfan (who is Soha's  lover) to work on Mahi and subvert her.

And man!!. How he subverts her..!!! But Madhavi is smart and manages to subvert Irrfan..thereby creating a weird foursome.... and setting the stage for a very strange ending.

The movie is slow, but the screenplay manages to grip you. The plots, sub plots and betrayals just add to the charm. However only the main characters are well defined.. the rest are wishy washy.. I can understand his predicament.. the movie wxyould have been too long.   However,,, the acting is really really good.. Irrfan shines.. Jimmy is suitably ruthless and at the same time vulnerable. Mahi is mind-blowingly sexy, sluttish, vulnerable and ruthless. Soha is competent as she really does not have much of a part to play.. Rana as Kannaiya is strong and silent....

Btw.. the lone item song is really ghastly and spoils the mood the movie creates. Mugdha is pretty and all that,, but she was not looking sexy nor could she dance to save her life..... on the other hand, Mahi was born for this role... she has the body (or bawdy!!) language to pull it off....

I liked the movie because it is different.  It is subtle and has wheels within wheels within wheels. Do go and watch it. My friends found the movie slow and were waiting for something to happen!!! The Rowdy Rathore effect!!!  Maybe that's why I am known as the NERD..

Rating: ***1/2


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    Nice post.I liked this movie because it's different other movies. Thanks ..............
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  2. Yup... it is different.. reminds us of a bygone era. Well made movie though..