Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Wake Up Sid - Timeless reality

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wake Up Sid - Timeless reality

Sitting at home on a lazy Saturday afternoon, flipping channels, the catchy rythm and melody of Wake Up Sid (the song) suddenly got me out of my stupor and I started watching the movie - for the fifth time and against all odds (Daughters wanted Doraemon and the better half wanted to see Charlie's Angels...)

I know the movie is old, but I guess something about the way the entire  movie has been made...its just right!!! what else can I say.  Let me start from the music... All songs capture the mood at that point of the movie absolutely brilliantly..Like Wake Up Sid at the beginning just takes you along the mad partying, easy going life, free of worries  of the main protagonists and Ek Tara (when konkona realises that she actually loves Sid) sets the mood so beautifully that you wish that it was you she was falling in love with !!!!

The characters are so well defined. Anupam kher- as the proud self made dad who wants the best for his only son, Supriya Pathak as the doting, uneducated  mum, His friends Rishi , Laxmi and the whole gang, Rahul Khanna as the eccentric Jazz loving Editor and of course Konkona..the migrant aspiring writer, whom we all want to fall in love with Ranbir, which she first denies and then realises - simply brilliant

The pace of the movie is superb.. it flows - right from his partying days, his failure, meeting konkona, getting kicked out of home, moving in with konkona, the adjustments made by both, jealousy kicking in, his photograph getting selected - seem so real...especially his chat with his dad where he expresses his shock at his dad not calling him home once he left in a huff, it all seems so real, so endearing..

Ranbir was superb.. Konkona - brilliant (especially when he is leaving her house to go back to his home- her tantrums are absolutely feminine- unpredictable.. because she does not want to admit to him that she is in love) and the rest of the cast  admirably supports them...

A must watch (if there is someone who has not seen it !!!)..

**** */2 (cause nothing can be perfect)

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