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Friday, February 10, 2012

Ek Main aur Ekk Tu - Movie Review

There are Rom-Coms and then there is Ek main aur Ekk Tu. Having heard that the storyof this rom-com was similar to "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" and Kareena's character was similar to Geet's character in "Jab we Met". However, it was a pleasant surprise to see that though some parts of the story have been inspired by them, but overall, the film holds its own.

The movie starts with Imran classifying the types of children, The smart ones who make a show of obeying their parents, the average obedient ones who obey their parents and the rebels who care a damm. Rahul Kapoor (Imran) is a good looking, "Perfectly Average" guy, whose entire life has been planned by his parents to perfection. His Father (Boman Irani - Effortlessly portrays the ambitious father for whom winning a silver means that you lost the gold!!!!! ), wants him to become and architect, get experience and then join the family business. So he is constantly goaded by his father to do his best while his mother (Ratna Pathak- looking suitably the Socilaite like in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai), gives him tips on  his dressing and hairstyle. They both are not averse to fixing him up with their associates daughter's so that business can mix with pleasure - union of businesses...and ofcourse a marriage of convenience...

Well, as always well laid plans are always are meant to go astray and so the same happens here (if it didnt the movie would be mind numbingly boring).  Rahul loses his job on christmas eve, goes to a pyschologist, bumps into Rihanna Braganza (Kareena Kapoor playing the Sober form of Geet- Was it the LA Effect???), who mistakes him for something else and then starts the story. ......

Rahul - the straitjacketed inexperienced guy, prim and propah, Rihanna - the older, carefree and obviously experienced gal get together, have a blast in Vegas and then get married- just like that. What happens thereafter is predictable to an extent, but is protrayed sensibly and does not go over the top (with tears that could put Ganges to shame and force you to wipe your eyes). Their budding friendship and its subsequent ramifications are interesting and .... oh..let me not spill the beans...go and watch it.

Overall, the movie had the KJO touch, with songs merging very well with the story ( my favourite is Auntyji), some excellent understated acting by Imran Khan and a mature, but bubbly performance by Kareena. For the first time, this rom-com does it differently and that makes it worth a watch...

Rating - *** and */2 for the twist...:).You can read the Kaveree Bamzai review and the Rediff Movies for a second opinion

The Auntyji Song

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