Review of Latest Hindi Movies: Dhoom 3 or Doom 3 !!! The reluctant review

Friday, December 20, 2013

Dhoom 3 or Doom 3 !!! The reluctant review

The Dhoom series, so far, has been quite path breaking and interesting. This particular edition of Dhoom, clearly, breaks the momentum!!. 
Right off, at the start, the movie meanders, in trying to build up the background on the lead characters. In doing so, they manage to kill the pace and make it almost tedious. The narrative is slow and laborious (though Jackie Shroff in a cameo is impressive !). The pace picks up after the interval but is it it too late??

Ok, the good part. Action sequences are great and well shot. No expense has been spared. The motorcycles are far more capable than even Batman's car!!!.  Aamir's acting is excellent as usual, but I felt it to be a bit mechanical. There was no emotiona connect between  him and the audience. Katrina looks fab and thats just about it. The motorcycles have more screen time than her!! 

The bad part!! Where do I start? The story is weak and what is even weaker is the thrill of the robbery is missing. I mean, there are three  robberies, but we are only shown action sequences post the robberies!!! How does the robbery take place, the planning etc are all missing. The movie seems to be an excuse for displaying chases with a storyline thrown in between. Abhishek and Uday Chopra are bland and repetitive. 

There are too many loose ends and many things that dont make sense. Less said the better. 

The so called twist is also quite obvious. Though the movie picks up pace and shows promise post the interval, it leaves us unfulfilled. Definitely Aamir's worst movie ever.  Considering the fact that I caught a 10 min nap and still picked up the story line without a problem....

Definitely a miss. See Dhoom 2. Its far better and tighter. This one is a definite miss, even if you want to see only Aamir. 

Rating : - **  (I'm being generous!!)

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