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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Hate Story - Review

                                                   Theatrical Trailer - Hate Story

Been a busy weekend in order to de-stress, I walked in to see A Hate Story. Did my stress levels go down..hard to say...but the movie turned out nothing like what the reviews of promo's made it to be..

The story is a simple one. Two journalists (Paoli Dam and Nikhil Dwivedi) expose a Cement company of some underhand dealings. The CEO (Siddharth - Gulshan Devaih) is angry (Obviously !!! Duh!!!) and exacts revenge for the same on first Hiring her, Wooing Her and then Firing her. Like the old adage, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, she discovers, to her joy, i guess (as it gave her some ammunition), that she is pregnant with Sids child. So she blackmails him...Big mistake..He gets even by kidnapping and sterilising her.

On the warpath (Traces of Khoon Bhari Maang), she becomes a High Class Call girl and then systematically gets into the pants of the Company's CEO, the politician (Mohan Kapur) who is helping them... to play a dangerous game of spy vs spy between companies, with the sole aim of bringing about Cementec's and the CEO's downfall. She succeeds (Thereby getting across a message--MBA, CA are not required by women to succeed.. )and pays back the CEO in his own coin. However, there is a twist in the tale and the movie dosent end the way you expect it would. For a detailed review of the story- read this review.

Paoli is confident as Kavvya - the journalist, victim and call girl. However, she is not able to evoke pathos on her plight...
Gulshan (Sid) is good as the overawed stammering son, the ruthless CEO and the charming womaniser...

The movie's redeeming feature is its pace which does not slow down and is not encumbered by too many songs. The editing is logical however the screenplay is too simplistic and naive. I really dont think people are that naive now a days atleast... so that goes against the movie. A slighly complicated set of characters would have made the movie a gripping one the watch. However, all said and done.. you can watch the movie and enjoy it..
Rating - **1/2

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